New and experienced poets perform at poetry slam

Artists, performers, and writers gather at The Fad for a poetry slam on Sunday, June 27. (Photo: Razan Abdelhadi/Jordan News)
Artists, performers, and writers gather at The Fad for a poetry slam on Sunday, June 27. (Photo: Razan Abdelhadi/Jordan News)
AMMAN — A two-day poetry slam took place at The FAD, located in Swefieh Village on Saturday and Sunday. The event was organized in collaboration with The FAD, which stands for Furniture Art Decor. The store features upcycled furniture, art, and unique decorative items. اضافة اعلان

"The Poetry Slam is the first ever regular poetry slam in Amman,” said Dalia Al-Shurman, the event's founder and organizer, in an interview with Jordan News. “It is usually hosted at the same venue on the last Saturday of every month.”

The event "gives local talent the opportunity to showcase their spoken word poetry,” she said. “It is an open mic event that promotes the creation and performance of poetry and provides a place for voices to be appreciated beyond their cultural, social, political, or economic borders."

"The purpose of the slam is to engage the community and allow for its voices to be heard through the power of voice,” she added.

Writers and artists who performed at the event found their passion for poetry through a variety of different paths, they told Jordan News.

Dima Manasir, a performer at the event, told Jordan News that "I used to write
poetry since childhood, as I believe that poetry is a form of art and is a way to express yourself."

For Manasir, the night was full of firsts: She had never performed in front of an audience before. "It is my first time performing in front of audience,” she said. “I cannot deny that at first I was terrified, but because of the love and support of the audience and organizers I felt really happy and excited to always perform."

Shadia Abu Nuaim, another performer, expressed her gratitude for the growth of cultural and performance events in the Kingdom. "I am grateful that such events happen in Jordan because they give people, and especially youth, the opportunity to show their talents,” she said in an interview with Jordan News. “They even support each other and encourage each other to do better and move forward."

A recurring theme throughout conversations with performers was the rareness of such events in Jordan. Poetry events aren’t particularly common in the country.

"I was amazed when I found out that such an event is taking place in Jordan,” said Haitham Kharashqa, who performed at the slam. “I had attended many poetry slams in Saudi Arabia and Turkey, as I do love poetry and I know how amazing it is."

"I fit into such events, because you can express yourself freely,” he added.  “No one is here to judge you. The audience comes here to enjoy poetry and to listen deeply to it."

"I cannot call myself a professional writer,” he said. “That is why I want to have a supportive community that wants you to truly improve yourself.”

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