Kees: A local melting pot for lovers of fashion and music

(Photos: Handouts from Kees)
(Photos: Handouts from Kees)
AMMAN — With an excess of 194,000 Instagram followers and counting, small local business Kees helps customers incorporate their favorite songs into every-day outfits.اضافة اعلان

The idea behind Kees started with Amer Al-Haj, a 24-year old with a passion for music, who had always dreamt of becoming a singer. But when his musical talents failed him, he took an alternative route to expressing his love of music; starting an Instagram page to sell t-shirts with lyrics from Jordanian songs printed on fabric.

The brand’s logo features an anthropomorphized brown paper bag, hollow — but still full of potential.

“At the age of 21, my life was just empty,” Haj said in an interview with Jordan News. “That is why the logo depicts people who want to do something with their life, and just break out of the void they live in.”

Like many of his peers with entrepreneurial ambitions, the Kees-founder faced challenges at the very beginning, from both his community and family. Haj faced pushback, especially after he announced he would drop out of university and take up his own venture. But his persistence and passion drove him to leave the criticism behind and pursue his own version of success.

“The thing that I dreamt about quite a lot was to have my own project and source of funding; that is why I work with love,” Haj explained. 

The small business’s Instagram page, which features eye-catching graphic designs and Arabic text on t-shirts, has connected with more than 20,000 followers. Hoping to build a sense of community, Haj and his team refer to their followers as ‘Kees’ family.’

Haj prioritizes building a base of loyal customers, and shows love to his brand’s supporters by ending every Instagram post or story with: “Kees family loves you.”

The Instagram page has five administrators, each of whom has a particular task, but collectively work to promote the brand’s loving ethos.

Haj explained that he sits with his group weekly and holds brainstorming sessions to develop creative ideas for marketing, photography, and design. 

Photography is an essential part of the Kees business approach. The team aims to support youth models and photographers by asking them to take part in the brand’s photo shoots.

Each customer’s request for a printed item takes up to two days, passing through a clear-cut process. The process starts by responding to messages on Instagram, then transferring the order via the website or WhatsApp. After that, the products are printed and packaged, before they are delivered to the customer.

But the administrators of the Instagram page and small business are proud that their prices are affordable to a wide range of consumers and that their products are made with high-quality fabric.

Haj thought of opening a pop-up shop and acquiring in-person points of sale, but then he realized that his dream was more extensive than that. “I feel like Kees’ family needs a place, something more than a shop, to pick up their orders,” he said.

He told Jordan News that he thinks that each person should work hard and be creative in order to build new ideas. He believes that people should not wait for others’ support, but rather take initiative and they take advantage of any opportunity they find. 

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