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January 20 2022 4:11 PM ˚
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Identity adult coloring books — meditation and stress relief

Identity logo (Photo: From Instagram Account)
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AMMAN — Adult coloring books have grown popular as a source of stress release, meditation, and relaxation. Individuals suffering from anxiety may find that coloring books can help them practice mindfulness in their daily life. Moreover, according to a preliminary study, coloring patterns like mandalas may reduce anxiety for at least a brief period of time. اضافة اعلان

But Identity Adult Coloring Books is a collection of adult coloring books that take you on a tour through diverse civilizations in the Middle East, North Africa, and around the world. The coloring books serve two purposes, relieving stress, and teaching adults about diverse cultures in the region and around the world.

(Photo: From Instagram Account)

Produced by the company “Identity”, these coloring books are a fun educational activity that allow adults to switch gears and engage in a relaxing therapeutic activity. The first coloring book was made about Jordan, followed by one on Egypt, and now a coloring book on Palestine has come out, with more coloring books on other countries planned.

Jude Jweihan (Photo: From Instagram Account)

Identity was founded at the end of 2019 by owner Jude Jweihan. “I've been coloring for a long time, and the concept of adult coloring books was familiar to me when I lived in London, but when I launched my business in Jordan, everyone was taken by surprise,” Jweihan told Jordan News.

The company and books are called “identity” since she believes every person must hold their own identity. “I am a person who believes that you should always be proud of your identity, your origins and where you are from,” Jweihan said.

She said that she used to color as a meditative exercise that she enjoyed doing. The activity relaxes the mind, as thoughts are focused on this simple activity. “I like to color, so I thought, why not make a coloring book about Jordan. Every image inside the books has a description, that I wrote in my own words as I am telling a story,” Jweihan said.

She said that we are living in a time when people hate to read and get bored easily. With the coloring books they can learn more about culture and heritage in a fun way. She added that the adult coloring books did really well during the lockdowns last year.

(Photo: From Instagram Account)

In each book there are a number of pictures that carry you to the many iconic natural and historic features of this country teaching you about the culture, people, and heritage, it is a way to learn about different cultures.

“We also added coloring pencils, coloring pens, and tote bags to our collection, and our graphic design team is working on unique, professionally produced drawings,” Jweihan said.

She said that the initial purpose of the coloring books was to raise awareness of the concept of adult coloring books, as it is a fun activity for parents and adults to enjoy. She added that children also enjoy coloring with their parents and learn about what the drawings represent.

“It is a beautiful way to spread culture, with bilingual descriptions, and with different and unique elements in a fun way,” Jweihan said.

She recently launched a coloring book on Palestine that contains pictures of historical Palestinian landmarks, heritage and culture. In addition, a percentage of the profits from the sale of the Palestine coloring book will go toward the education of less fortunate children in Palestine, Jwiehan said.

“I am originally Palestinian and as such I worked on the Palestine Identity Adult Coloring Book. I never visited Palestine, but we were raised in its culture.” She said.

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