Dima’s Place hosts local artists in a home environment

Dima 1
Artist Dima Abu Sharkh poses next to two of her paintings. (Photos: Handouts from Dima Abu Sharkh)
AMMAN — During the COVID-19 pandemic, Jordanian fine artist Dima Abu Sharkh set up an area in her home as an art studio, calling it “Dima’s Place”. There, the self-taught painter and sculptor creates artwork and invites other artists to join her. اضافة اعلان

By day, Abu Sharkh is a full-time teacher at a private school. But in her free time, she loves to explore her passion for art.

Her journey began when, at five years old, she painted a piece chosen for display in her school’s art gallery. “I remember it as if it was yesterday,” the artist told Jordan News.

Marriage, motherhood, and work kept the teacher busy. But she still found a way to paint, honing her talent over time.

“I used to practice art during my classes by drawing on the board or creating bulletin boards,” she said. “Other teachers were always impressed when they visited my classroom.”

Then, she was chosen from over a hundred artists to display her works at Gilgamesh Art Cafe’s “Arts and Book Exhibition” in August of this year in the Jabal Luweibdeh neighborhood of Amman. “I loved it,” she said of the experience.

In September, her art was featured in the Palestinian Diaspora Exhibition at Gilgamesh.

‘Keep your head high’
Abu Sharkh started her small art space to give other people an opportunity to practice their artistic skills in a safe and relaxed atmosphere.

And in terms of who she wants to inspire, she directed a message to “any person who postpones their dreams and puts their passion on the shelf”, especially other women and mothers: “Love yourself, believe in yourself, and enhance your abilities. Learn as much as you can and keep your head high.”

Along with hosting the art space, Abu Sharkh is currently working on a master’s degree in Women’s Studies at the University of Jordan and expanding her artistic focus by taking art therapy courses.

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