‘Art for Gaza’ conveys hope and support amidst recent frustrations

‘Art for Gaza’ conveys hope and support amidst recent frustrations
(Photos: Dana Al-Zyadat/ Jordan news)
"Art for Gaza" embodies the timeless wisdom to "take your broken heart and transform it into art." Its emergence couldn't be timelier, as many within the Kingdom grapple with a sense of helplessness and a deep desire to make a positive contribution. This initiative, driven by the creativity of local talents, serves as a platform for supporting Gaza and provides an opportunity to channel recent frustrations, expressing love for Palestine through art pieces.اضافة اعلان

“The idea began during the aggression against Gaza, and we found that we had to do something for the people of Gaza, and art is one of the means of expression, protest, and resistance, and from this point we believe in the idea,” explained Durrah Afyouni, one of the exhibition's organizers and a digital/analog photographer, when speaking to Jordan News. “As a team, we contacted artists to display prints (copies of the painting) and sell them for the benefit of Gaza.”

A physical space to take a broken heart
With a remarkably quick turnaround of just two weeks, Afyouni and Maias Ghoul reached out to local artists, putting together an exhibition in one of the fastest turnarounds the art scene in the Kingdom has witnessed. The goal was not necessarily perfection but action, ensuring that people had a physical space to visit, with the proceeds going to Gaza. Afyouni added that more than 30 artists participated in this exhibition, and their team of 10 individuals played a significant role in its success, sparing no time or effort to stand with Gaza.

Strong desire and awareness among children to learn about Gaza
Durra added, "In this exhibition, we observed a strong desire and awareness among children. They are eager to know more about Gaza, how it has been affected by the war, and what its current situation is. Since we anticipated that visitors would come from various backgrounds, the artworks did not carry symbols of violence while conveying powerful and important messages simultaneously."

She continued, "Today, people feel a deep sense of disappointment and great pain about what is happening in Gaza, and this exhibition serves as an outlet for them to express their emotions. The turnout and sales percentage were high, reaching 100 percent, and we honestly did not expect this level of success." She added that art has a major role in resisting the occupation.

Demand for people to take action
Meanwhile, Rama Omar, a designer, told Jordan News, “I participated in this exhibition to present designs and allocate the proceeds to Gaza. These designs carry symbols that express Palestine and Gaza specifically.” She added that there is a great demand from people to take action, and this is the least that they felt they could do.

Tamara Twal, 38 years old, told Jordan News, “I accidentally learned about this exhibition from one of my friends and decided to come and buy some designs and paintings that express Palestine. The general atmosphere in this exhibition is heartwarming. You can feel the pain that people are experiencing for the people of Gaza, and you can see the amount of anger in their eyes."

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