Unstable weather conditions, rain forecast for today

Amman weather dusty foggy
Unstable weather conditions, rain forecast for today
Amman -- A slight drop in temperatures, on Tuesday, is expected as well as partly cloudy and intermittent showers of rain, the Jordan Meteorological Department (JMD) said in its daily update.اضافة اعلان

At midday, the Kingdom will be more severely affected by atmospheric instability, and most places will see periodic cloud cover and rain.

The JMD said that there is a chance of strong rains, thunder, and hail, which might cause flash floods to form in low-lying areas and valleys, including the Dead Sea.

There will be brisk winds that range from westerly to south-westerly. There will be powerful gusts that can reach speeds of over fifty kilometers per hour, which might cause dust to rise, especially in Badia regions.

The department warned of torrential rains to form in valleys and low-lying areas, including the region around the Dead Sea; thunderstorms and hail; the risk of slipping on roads during periods of precipitation; and the risk of low horizontal visibility due to dust, particularly in the Badia regions.

Temperatures in Amman will range between a high of 17 degrees Celsius and low of 9 degrees.

Highs in the port city of Aqaba will reach 28 degrees during the day, sliding to 18 degrees at night.

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