Yarmouk University organizes workshop on cybercrime

Yarmouk University
(Photo: Jordan News)
Amman  — The Refugees, Displaced Persons, and Forced Migration Studies Center at Yarmouk University, in cooperation with the Justice Center for Legal Assistance, organized Monday, a workshop on cybercrime, according to the Jordan News Agency, Petra.اضافة اعلان

The attorney Salwa Kafawin, a legal awareness trainer at the Justice Center, and Muhannad Kadour, a community facilitator at the Justice Center, both spoke at the workshop, which was attended by the center’s director, Anas Al- Sobh.

The speakers discussed a number of themes on legal assistance and its importance for refugees and the local community, as well as the concept, types and forms of cybercrime, penalties for cybercrime, online protection mechanisms, and places of refuge when exposed to cybercrime.

They explained that ignorance of the cybercrime law may lead internet users to fall victim to such crimes or may even lead them to prison.

They said cybercrimes are real crimes, adding that many young people using the internet and social networking sites in particular fall into legal problems. They said many ignorant of the law find themselves standing before the criminal courts.

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