Seminar held in Ajloun to mark Arab Environment Day

AMMAN — The Ajloun National University, in collaboration with the Jordan Engineers Association, held a scientific seminar on Tuesday, discussing the importance of positive behavior towards the environment to mark Arab Environment Day. اضافة اعلان

The Ajloun Director of Operations Salem Bani Salameh emphasized the importance of such seminars, which promote environmental protection and conservation efforts and establish positive attitudes towards the environment.

The Chairman of the Board of Trustees at the Ajloun National University, Mohamed Noor Al-Samadi, said that everyone is concerned with the environment and its preservation, emphasizing that the university supports every action and initiative that would contribute to the service of the Kingdom and society at large.

The president of the Ajloun chapter of the association, Khaled Al-Ananza, said that ignoring environmental issues was no longer a luxury we can afford but a reality that must be dealt with using positivity and awareness. 
Ananza hoped that environmental issues would turn positive through the optimal investment of resources and recycling.

The symposium presented several documents, including environmental information provided by Ismat Haddad, the development of Jordanian environmental legislation for environmental research by Ali Al-Hamouri, COVID-19 and solid waste by the Faculty of Engineering at the National University of Ajloun Dean Ziyad Al-Shboul, and waste management (Alakider experiment) by Ashraf Bani Hani.

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