Najjar honored for his poetry compendium aimed at children

(Photo: From The City Cultural Wall Forum facebook page)
Amman— The City Cultural Wall Forum on Tuesday held a cultural seminar to celebrate Mosleh Al-Najjar’s winning of Al Hussein Prize for Creativity and Excellence in the Field of Children’s Literature 2020.اضافة اعلان

The seminar was held at Irbid Municipal Hall and in cooperation with the Directorate of Culture in Irbid. Najjar won for his poetry compendium “Arsum Al Alam”, according to Jordan News Agency, Petra.

During the seminar Muhammad Sawalha, presented a critical reading of the compendium, in which he spoke about the educational aspects and moral, social, and religious values established by Najjar’s poetry, and his language which is appropriate for the targeted age group. He saw that Najjar’s poems represent exceptional models in literature that are directed at children in Jordan and the Arab world.

The researcher Walaa Abazid presented a critical reading of Najjar’s achievements in children’s literature for more than twenty years, showing the most important artistic features in those works, as the language which was characterized by ease and clarity and repetition which allows information to stick in young minds. She his works attempt to enrich a child’s lexicon.

At the end of the seminar, the forum’s president, Zainab Al-Natour, and the event’s sponsor, activist Mahmoud Al-Kurdi, honored Najjar with the forum’s shield, and with Al-Falujah Charitable Association’s shield.

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