Madaba farmers appeal for a bailout as local dam dries up

(Photo: Jordan News)
MADABA —  Farmers in Madaba appealed to the government on Tuesday to help them reuse their crops which are dying slowly after a local dam, which was considered a lifeline of the agribusiness almost dried up, according to Jordan News Agency, Petra. اضافة اعلان

They told Petra that the livelihoods of tens of local households depend on farming in the areas surrounding and irrigated by the Wala Dam, where water storage plunged to remarkably low levels as a result of unrestrained pumping and low precipitation of the previous wet season.

They called on the Ministry of Water and Irrigation to act swiftly and find quick solutions by opening closed wells in the area to water crops, dredging the dam, and providing support through the Agricultural Risk Fund of the Ministry of Agriculture and "standing by their side in this ordeal.”

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