Strong cyber security supports business, investment sectors — Rawajbeh

(File photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — Representative of the communications and information technology sector at the Jordan Chamber of Commerce Haitham Al-Rawajbeh said that enhancing cybersecurity will support the business sector and provide a safe environment for investment, as it constitutes an important part of the security system, according to the Jordan News Agency, Petra.اضافة اعلان

In a statement on Saturday, Rawajbeh referred to the latest assertions Crown Prince Hussein made about the importance of developing the cybersecurity system in the Kingdom to protect the country’s institutions from cyberattacks.

He said that the rapid and significant technical development in the IT sector and digital payment systems have led to the emergence of cyber risks and challenges, which may hinder the work of various sectors.

He pointed out that many small and medium enterprises are vulnerable to cyberattacks through their computer networks, for different purposes, including sabotage, disruption, information theft, and exploitation of data with the intent of harming the institution’s reputation or disrupting a particular system.

Rawajbeh stressed that these institutions are vulnerable to cyberattacks because of the lack of the necessary infrastructure to protect them.

 Effective firewalls and calibration must exist in each institution, as per its needs, Rawajbeh said, indicating that all unnecessary ports and gates should be closed, data should be constantly updated, and an internal and external barrier or more, depending on the data bank structure, should be available.

He stressed the need to provide firewalls for personal devices whose owners work from home or from external offices, pointing to the importance of training and educating employees on the mechanism of data protection and correct storage, the use and changing of passwords, and the application of a mandatory policy related to passwords, which should be changed periodically.

Rawajbeh said that the National Center for Cyber Security is responsible for protecting official institutions and various economic and vital sectors from cyber-attacks, which have started to grow in number around the world.

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