Nissan Jordan and ArabiaWeather launched Storm X

The first mobile weather monitoring station in Jordan and the Middle East

Nissan Jordan and ArabiaWeather launched Storm X 03
(Photo: ArabiaWeather)
PRESS RELEASE — Bustami & Saheb Group, the exclusive dealer of Nissan and Infiniti vehicles in Jordan, has announced the signing of a strategic partnership agreement with ArabiaWeather, owned by "Ard Group". This collaboration aims to introduce Storm X, based on the Nissan X-Trail, as the first mobile weather monitoring station in the region. اضافة اعلان

The agreement aims to bolster collaboration between the two entities and cement the principle of service exchange between these esteemed companies. Storm X, the pioneering mobile weather monitoring station in Jordan and the Middle East, will be unveiled as part of this accord. It will diligently monitor diverse weather conditions and deliver media coverage of weather phenomena through state-of-the-art radar systems, computers, and weather maps. These specialized tools are tailored to enhance awareness of weather patterns as significant influencers on individuals' daily routines.

Engineer Ekrimeh Mahasneh, CEO of Bustami & Saheb Group, the exclusive dealer for Nissan in Jordan, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership with ArabiaWeather, stating: "We are pleased to collaborate with ArabiaWeather. We take pride in supporting local startups that have proven their worth and ability to innovate and turn creative ideas into reality. At Bustami & Saheb, we not only strive to provide the best quality and service in the automotive world but also seek to expand our strategic partnerships for the benefit of our customers. Engineer "Mahasneh" highlighted the Nissan X-Trail's extensive modifications, creating the region's inaugural mobile weather station. This upgrade merges sophisticated design with advanced technology, including a dedicated fiberglass control unit, touchscreen interface, and specialized radio devices in this seven-seat car.

On his part, the General Manager of ArabiaWeather, Fares Shaaban expressed his delight regarding the partnership with Bustami & Saheb Group. He said, "We always seek partnerships with prominent entities in their respective sectors, such as Bustami & Saheb Group, for the mutual benefit of all parties involved. Storm X will assist the ArabiaWeather team to cover weather events in real time by conducting field tours across the Kingdom as it is capable of handling all weather conditions. Storm X is the first in the Middle East and North Africa specializing in weather monitoring and forecasting. Equipped with special weather monitoring devices and other equipment to facilitate news report preparation, we can deliver accurate information directly from the scene to citizens through ArabiaWeather's digital platforms, which have millions of followers."

This partnership reflects Bustami & Saheb Group's ongoing commitment to delivering excellence in customer service and innovation. The company aims to set new standards for the automotive trade sector in Jordan and the wider Middle East region by integrating marketing, sales, and after-sales services.

It's worth highlighting that this collaboration marks another significant milestone for Bustami & Saheb Group. Known for their relentless dedication to excellence, the group continues to elevate its standards by embracing the latest advancements. Through a comprehensive approach encompassing marketing, sales, and after-sales services, Bustami & Saheb Group reaffirms its commitment to providing unparalleled value to customers. This ongoing dedication underscores Bustami & Saheb's reputation as a trailblazer in the automotive industry, in Jordan and across the wider Middle East region.

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