Labor market should be regulated, local workers should replace guest laborers

9. Nayef Steitieh as Minister of Labor
Minister of Labor Nayef Steitieh. (Photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee of Labor and Social Development Hussein Al-Harases, at a meeting Monday with Minister of Labor Nayef Steitieh, Labor Ministry Secretary-General Farouq Hadidi, and several specialists, asserted the need to establish plans, and clear and applicable strategies to regulate the labor market and employ domestic rather than migrant workers, given the difficult economic situation, according to Ad-Dustour daily. اضافة اعلان

Harases stressed the importance of working to replace guest workers with Jordanian workers through a mechanism that does not affect the private sector or investments in the Kingdom.

Inspection campaigns will be intensified, in accordance with new strategies and in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior and the Public Security Directorate; they will target all employers and migrant workers in all sectors in the Kingdom, to ensure that employers abide by decisions and laws that are in their and their employees’ best interest, and to address distortions in the labor market, said Steitieh.

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