Labor minister stresses importance of public, private sector collaboration

Ministry of Labor
(Photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — Minister of Labor Nayef Steitieh stressed the importance of the public sector’s partnership with the private sector, which plays a major role in promoting the growth of the national economy and is a main employer of Jordanians, according to Al-Ghad News.اضافة اعلان

During his meeting with the members and president of the Amman Chamber of Commerce on Tuesday, Steitieh said that the commercial sector is one of the most important component of the national economy, and that it plays an important role in strengthening Jordan’s ties with different countries in the world.

The minister highlighted the role the private sector — particularly the commercial, agriculture, and services sectors — plays in the national employment program, which is one of the top government priorities in its economic action plan 2021–2023, which will focus on promoting competition and stimulating employment.

Steitieh said that the employment program aims at making available 60,000 job opportunities for Jordanian youth. He also said that the ministry contributes JD15,000 to salaries and transportation, and that the comprehensive employment program aims at consolidating all training and employment efforts, and ensuring that the education and training output meets the labor market needs, as well as at empowering, employing and building the capacity of Jordanians.

The ministry is keen to develop and modernize the vocational training system, building on achievements so far, as instructed by His Majesty King Abdullah, and strengthen partnership with the private sector, which will contribute to bolstering the development of programs, training mechanisms, and modernization of the vocational training institutions, to equip young trainees with skills and professions that could help them enter the labor market, said Steitieh.

The minister stressed the importance of integrating the commercial, services and agricultural sectors and of establishing specialized training centers and institutions for those sectors, and not for the industrial and construction sectors only.

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