Employees and the environment at the heart of new “Orange Forest”

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(Photo: Orange Jordan)
Press Release — Orange Jordan through its new 29-dunum “Orange Forest” in Jerash, aims to help preserve the environment, expand greenery, and provide employees with a natural hub for outdoor activities.اضافة اعلان

The forest comprises 2100 trees that Orange Jordan planted, in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture, the owner of the land, under the National Afforestation Project.

The green space will welcome Orange Jordan’s employees and their families and become a new natural destination for the company’s various activities, combining environmental responsibility and enhanced employees’ experiences.

The initiative comes as an extension of Orange Jordan’s green efforts as a responsible digital leader seeking to reduce its footprint carbon emissions by 30% by 2030 and to zero by 2024; the company needs to plant 64 trees to neutralize the impact of every 1 ton of its carbon emissions.

The environment remains one of Orange Jordan’s commitments within its social responsibility. The company launched its solar farms’ project in 2019, to reduce carbon emissions and shift towards renewable, clean energy, and adopted a circular economy approach, alongside raising environmental awareness.

The company is also focusing on enhancing energy efficiency by selecting environmentally friendly materials and processes, such as the free cooling technology that uses 65% fresh air annually to cool data centers.

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