White House proposes $1.45 billion aid package to Jordan for 2023

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AMMAN — US embassy in Amman stated Thursday that President Joe Biden has sent a proposed budget for the fiscal year 2023, including allocating around $1.45 billion to Jordan, according to Al-Mamlaka TV.اضافة اعلان

The embassy’s press office told Al-Mamlaka TV that the proposed amount is unprecedented, stressing that the final decision is left for the US congress in relation to the final amount earmarked to Jordan in 2023.

It added that “Biden’s request is an indication of the US readiness to maintain its support to Jordan, as it is considered a friend and a valuable ally to the US for a long time now, in addition to Jordan being one of the US main strategic partners.”

The office also stated that US and Jordanian officials are still discussing ways to restructure future aid packages to Jordan and signing a new memorandum of understanding, adding that the US is not expected to cut its aid to Jordan.

In 2018, Jordan and the US signed a five-year term memorandum of understanding in which the US president pledged to request $6.3 billion of external bilateral aid to Jordan. The memo is set to end in 2022.

“We are strictly focusing on providing financial aid to Jordan in a predictable way with the aim of enhancing the Kingdom’s stability in the long run through main economic structural reforms,” according to the office.

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