Kharabsheh stresses importance of expanding oil, gas exploration

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(Photo: Handout from the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources)
AMMAN — Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Saleh Kharabsheh on Saturday stressed the importance of expanding oil and gas exploration throughout Jordan by looking for new oil exploration sites and accelerating work to boost the productivity of the Risha gas field, which currently produces about 20 million cubic feet per day. اضافة اعلان

This came during a visit to the National Petroleum Company (NPC) on Saturday, where he met the chairman of the board directors, Laith Al-Qassim, and the general manager of the company, Mohammad Al-Khasawneh.
They held a brief on the production of Risha gas field and the company’s plan to increase production used to generate electricity, according to a ministry statement. 

Minister Kharabsheh stressed the importance of expanding production to boost the national economy and provide a cheap local energy source that can improve the competitiveness of national industry.

He said that the production capacity of the Risha gas field could be further be utilized by providing industrial areas with facilitated delivery of natural gas.
Kharabsheh noted the government’s support to the NPC in increasing production and drilling more wells.

For his part, the chairman of the national petroleum company’s board, Laith Al-Qassim emphasized the importance of cooperation between the government and the company for the success of expansion at the Risha gas field. He added that the company will continue to expand oil and gas exploration throughout the kingdom. 

Khasawneh said that the company plans to increase capacity at the field so that gas can be transported to central parts of the Kingdom, increase reliance on domestic energy sources, and reduce the cost of power to the industrial sector.

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