Gov’t ‘finalizing plans’ for JD25m Zarqa industrial estate

4. Zarqa Industrial
An undated photo of the Zarqa Free Zone. (Photo: JNews)
AMMAN — The government is finalizing plans to establish an industrial estate in Zarqa Governorate at a cost of JD25 million, a senior official has said.اضافة اعلان

Director General of the Jordan Industrial Estates Company Omar Juweied told Jordan News that a tender will be floated by the end of next month to execute the construction work in the 1,000-dunum area, adding that the project, which is listed in the government’s economic program for the period 2021–2023, is scheduled to be completed in two years. 

The official stressed that the estate, which offers the necessary infrastructure for investors, is expected to attract local and foreign investments, create jobs for Jordanians, contribute to GDP, and support Jordan’s exports.

At the social-developmental level, he added, the mega project would stimulate urban and economic construction activity, including logistic services available in industrial estate such as banking, infrastructure, and transportation, which would leave an impact on the economic development process.

The fact that the industrial projects exist within one area facilitates the process of monitoring and controlling industrial waste to ensure that no ecological damage would occur, according to Juweied.

The Zarqa Industrial Estate will join 10 similar zones existing across the Kingdom, which offer fully served structures for lease or sale.  
The top executive explained that his company is part of economic matrix in which the government has stakes.

For his part, President of the Zarqa Chamber of Industry Fares Hammoudeh said the new industrial estate has been long anticipated as an essential requirement in a city that hosts many of the Kingdom’s major industries.

He added that the land designated for the project was allocated 20 years ago, noting that the area is home to several factories.

Zarqa would be better served with a project of this nature, he said, including the potential of creating jobs for the residents of the highly populated town, 25km to the northeast of the capital. When fully operating, the industrialist said, the estate is expected to generate 25,000–30,000 jobs.

Zarqa, the sector leader noted, is home to 50 percent of the country’s industrial projects, predicting a “bright future” for the new industrial estate.

He called for reviving industries that disappeared from the city such as leather tanning and related industries and rock wool.

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