Cabinet to amend conditions for issuing investor passport

jordanian passport
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AMMAN — The Cabinet has decided to amend previous stipulations regarding the issuance of standard Jordanian passports (passports that do not include a national number) to encourage investment, in line with amendments already made to the process of obtaining Jordanian citizenship through investment, according to Al-Mamlaka TV.اضافة اعلان

The amendments stipulate that the real investment volume of each investor, including facility, equipment, the value of the land on which the investment is based, and the actual value of a single production cycle, should be valued at no less than JD400,000 within Amman and its development areas, and JD200,000 within other governorates and development areas.

The amendments also stipulate that the number of Jordanian workers registered with the social security at a facility should be no less than 20 per investment partner within Amman and its development areas, and 10 within the other governorates and development areas.

According to the amendments, investments must made be made within sectors that add value to the Jordanian economy and boost development projects, including in the industrial, tourism, educational, health, and agricultural sectors.

Investment may also be made in the commercial and services sectors, for example in car dealerships, showrooms, restaurants, warehouses, drug stores, pharmaceutical materials and supplies, navigation and marine transport, and housing companies.

The amendments also stipulated that each investor should register 75 Jordanian employees with the Social Security Corporation in Amman, Irbid, and Zarqa governorates and their development areas, and 50 Jordanian employees in other governorates and development areas.

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