UN food agency urges rich countries not to neglect other nations in crisis

(Photo: AFP)
The head of the UN World Food Programme issued an impassioned plea on Friday to rich countries, urging them not to "neglect" other nations in crisis beyond Ukraine.اضافة اعلان

"I'm trying to wake up the Europeans, the US," UN agency's director, David Beasley, said.

"While you're focused on Ukraine, please don't neglect the Sahel please don't neglect Syria and Jordan, Lebanon. If you do, the consequences will be catastrophic," he warned.

In a discussion with Kristalina Georgieva, the International Monetary Fund's managing director, Beasley said the risks posed by fragile states go beyond hunger.

"It could be not just starvation. It could be mass migration or destabilization," the head of the Rome-based organization said. 

"Without food security, you're not going to have peace. It's just that simple."

But with the crisis caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the UN agency is facing mounting challenges.

"Is it fair for us to take food from children in Ethiopia to give to the children in Ukraine? No," he said.

The WFP is trying to buy as much grain as possible in Ukraine, one of the world's largest wheat growers, to use domestically, but also has to find drivers to transport it at a time when many men are fighting the invasion, he said.

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