UK ambassador visits Maan on World Refugee Day

british embassy Her Excellency Bridget Brind OBE
(Handouts: British Embassy in Jordan)
AMMAN Her Excellency Bridget Brind OBE, the British Ambassador to Jordan visited Maan Governorate on Tuesday to observe the impact of UK-funded projects in the region. The initiatives primarily focused on supporting the local population, particularly youth, women, and refugees, with a strong emphasis on education.اضافة اعلان

 During her visit, Ambassador Brind met with Governor Faisal Mufleh Al Smeiran and Mayor Yasin Fares Saleh to discuss the progress and outcomes of these initiatives.

One of the significant contributions from the UK was last year's provision of £15 million in financial aid through the Accelerating Access Initiative (AAI) multi-donor trust fund.

This aid aimed to support the Jordanian Government in providing education to approximately 154,000 Syrian and other refugee boys and girls, including those residing in Ma'an.

The AAI program operates across 12 governorates in Jordan, encompassing 42 directorates, and ensures access to education for both Syrian and non-Syrian refugee children, including those with disabilities. Collaborating closely with the Ministry of Education, the UK offered technical assistance to establish and support 180 learning support teachers and 120 multi-disciplinary team members, benefitting around 3,000 children with disabilities in nearly 60 pilot inclusive schools.

In Maan governorate specifically, AAI provides essential education services to around 2,040 Syrian refugee children, including those with disabilities, across 40 schools.

Expressing her thoughts on the visit, Ambassador Brind said in a statement, "Visiting Maan on World Refugee Day, I welcome the hospitality of its people and underline the UK's commitment to continue supporting Jordan's generous hosting of refugees. The UK has just pledged up to a further £150 million in humanitarian support for the Syria crisis in the region at the recent conference in Brussels on June 15, bringing the total this year to almost £200 million.

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