‘True’ willingness to push Jordan’s political reform — Fayez

Faisal Al-Fayez
(Photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — According to the Jordan News Agency, Petra, Senate President, Faisal Fayez, shared that there is a true willingness provided by His Majesty King Abdullah II to bring about the desired political reform and comprehensive development.اضافة اعلان

Speaking at the Upper House’s consultative meeting held on Sunday, Fayez noted the Senate would debate outcomes from the Royal Committee to Modernize the Political System (RCMPS) and the constitutional amendments related to elections and party laws.

Fayez stressed the need to adopt a strategy that enhanced Jordan’s national cohesion and shared that the ‘desired’ reform is the central pillar for pressing ahead “confidently” into the future and consolidating the rule of law and justice based on equality in rights and duties.

 In this regard, he affirmed: “No one is above the authority of the state and the law,” adding that political, economic, and social development can’t be made without security and stability.

Fayez also highlighted the importance of adopting a new economic policy to accelerate the growth process, increase national production, stimulate competitiveness, and support Jordan’s business environment.

He called on aligning the government’s economic priorities with national goals. He said that economic priorities should aim to reduce high unemployment rates, develop an intergovernmental economic plan, enable local investment, and increase its competitiveness in parallel with attracting foreign investment, which requires dealing with the investment file with “flexibility and transparency.”

Fayez also pointed to the importance of empowering youth and women, distributing development gains to the governorates “fairly,” and creating an attractive investment, granting investors tax exemptions and leasing lands at affordable cost.

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