Truckers’ strike wins sympathy from unions and nod from Senate

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AMMAN — Independent unions have called for protests in solidarity with the ongoing truckers’ strike, as the Senate called on “responsible parties” to come to the table, local media outlets reported.

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The strikes, which broke out last week, started with truckers in Aqaba and Maan governorates but have since grown to include drivers and owners of taxis, rideshare cabs, minibuses, and water tankers.


The General Federation of Jordanian Trade Unions invited activists to participate in a peaceful march in solidarity with transport workers, according to AmmanNet.


The rally will start in front of the National Center of Human Rights at 12:30pm and march towards Fourth Circle.


Protestors, including those interviewed by Jordan News, have cited the latest fuel hike as the primary threat to their livelihood.


The Land Transport Regulatory Commission (LTRC) Sunday proposed to disburse JD6 million in subsidies over three months to the public transport sector. Protesting taxi drivers rejected the offer, demanding the reduction of fuel prices across the board.


The commission announced that it had reached an agreement with the general unions of bus and taxi owners to continue and increase the provision of cash support for all types of passenger transport in the Kingdom within its jurisdiction.


The invitation declared that the federation’s own members were also despondent with price hikes.


Previously, the federation had accused the government of handling the strike “superficially and primitively”, citing the prime minister’s statements and authorities’ use of force in some areas.


It also called the recent agreements between the LTRC and the Syndicate of Jordanian Truck Owners an attempt to “bypass” the demands of the truck drivers.


The Senate also issued a statement on Tuesday calling on all responsible parties to discuss the strikers’ demands, and for the protestors to respect law and order, Al-Mamlaka TV reported.


“While the Senate realizes that price hikes are a worldwide phenomenon, it reminds us of the importance of taking into account the conditions of the most affected classes,” who are seeing an increase in the cost of living, the statement said.


It praised the King for presiding over broad national reforms aimed at encouraging political participation, ensuring continued social justice, strengthening transparency, increasing accountability, and improving citizens’ living conditions.


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