Thousands of Jordanians march in solidarity with Gaza

From the north to the south, tens of thousands of Jordanians stand strong with Gaza

(Photo: Ameer Khalifeh/Jordan News)
AMMAN – On Friday, tens of thousands of people marched in different areas of Jordan after Friday prayers in solidarity with Palestinians in Gaza, Al-Ghad and Jo24 reported.اضافة اعلان

In the massive march in the west of Amman, protestors marched from the Ebad Al-Rahman Mosque in Sweifieh towards the US Embassy in Abdoun.

The National Forum to Support Resistance and Protect the Homeland was in charge of organizing the march. The participants affirmed the Arab duty to break the Israeli siege and support Gaza.

Additionally, protestors chanted in solidarity with Yemen against the American-British coalition attacks.

Downtown Amman
As for east Amman, thousands of Jordanians participated in a massive march that stretched from the Grand Husseini Mosque in downtown Amman to the Wasfi Al-Tal Square in support of the resistance and the Palestinian people.

The coalition of nationalist and leftist parties called for the march, and the participants reaffirmed their support for armed resistance against the Israeli occupation, emphasizing that resistance is the only means of stopping the enemy and putting an end to the occupation.

The participants denounced the genocide in Gaza as well as the US's political, economic, and military support for Israel.

Similarly, the Irbid Governorate participated in a massive march that started after Friday prayers from Al-Hashemi Mosque in the center of Irbid towards the Martyr Wasfi Al-Tal Square.

The participants affirmed their absolute support for the Palestinian armed resistance, chanting that it is the only way to deter and defeat the Israeli occupation and liberate Palestine.

The participants condemned the inaction of Muslim and Arab countries, demanding they open the Rafah Border Crossing for humanitarian and relief aid without condition or restriction. Protestors in Irbid condemned the position of Western countries, specifically that of the US, Germany, and the UK.

The protestors demanded that the Jordanian government cancel all agreements with the Israeli occupation, including the gas and Wadi Araba peace treaty between Israel and Jordan. Additionally, they demanded that the government expel the US ambassador from Jordan and cancel the defense cooperation agreement.

After Friday prayers, residents in the Aqaba Governorate marched the city’s streets, condemning the genocide of Palestinians.

The participants in the march expressed their outrage at the continued siege of the Gaza Strip and the continued starvation of its people. Additionally, protestors were outraged at the inability of Muslim and Arab countries to deliver aid to the Strip, despite the fact that the Rafah Border Crossing is an Arab crossing.

Similar to Irbid’s protests, the Aqaba participants demanded that the Jordanian government sever all relations with the Israeli occupation, stop all forms of normalization, cancel the Wadi Araba and gas agreements, and prevent Jordanian produce from reaching the entity.

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