Teachers’ vaccination campaign launches in governorates

A man can be seen receiving a COVID-19 vaccination in this undated photo. (File Photo: Jordan News)
A man can be seen receiving a COVID-19 vaccination in this undated photo. (File Photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — A dedicated national vaccination campaign for teachers in the governorates was launched on Monday by the Ministry of Education. Over 15,000 teachers all over the country are expected to get vaccinated.اضافة اعلان

The campaign is a continuation of a teachers’ vaccination campaign that launched in Amman on May 4.

“We got feedback from the National Center for Security and Crisis Management that the number of attendees in Amman exceeded our expectations, so we expanded the campaign to include the governorates,” Najwa Qbeilat, secretary general of the Ministry for Administration and Finance, told Jordan News.

Qbeilat added that the Provincial Departments of Education had completed preparations for the launch of a vaccination campaign in three schools in the northern provinces and central provinces.

In the southern governorates, the vaccination campaign was held at the usual vaccination centers designated by the Ministry of Health.

Qbeilat told Jordan News that the vaccination process in the governorates went as planned, and teachers showed up to the vaccination centers in the “range of numbers we were expecting.”

Director of Irbid’s First Education Directorate Saleh Al-Omari, said in media statements that the directorate has around 6,000 teachers. In the morning, vaccination centers were filled with teachers.

This campaign did not include teachers’ significant others as it did in Amman, because the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education are trying to “speed up the process and pour their attention on vaccinating teachers before conducting the Tawjihi exams, to protect students’ health.”

“We are all counting on teachers’ awareness to get vaccinated. They need to understand that their vaccination is a part of the government’s plan to help us reach a safe summer at the beginning of July, and to guarantee the return of in-class teaching this September,” Qbeilat added.

The Ministry of Education also announced that a new campaign will target private school teachers in both Amman and Irbid next Wednesday, which will be expanded to include all private schools in all governorates on May 30.

Accordingly, MP Ata Ibdah, a member of the Education Committee at the Lower House, told Jordan News that “the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education are doing a great job in protecting the health of students and teachers, and are considering it a priority.”

Mathematics teacher Mohammad Shaker received his vaccination in Irbid yesterday. He told Jordan News that he was a little bit worried that the vaccination centers would be as crowded as in Amman, but he and his fellow teachers were pleased with the process.

“I convinced all my colleagues to go get the vaccine. The process went smoothly and there were no delays. We got to Fatima Al-Zahra school and we entered almost immediately, health measures were followed by everyone,” he said.

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