Teachers vaccination campaign kicks off

Vaccination efforts to expand to governorates

The dedicated campaign is expected to vaccinate more than 1,000 teachers within the first day. (Photo: Jordan News)
The dedicated campaign is expected to vaccinate more than 1,000 teachers within the first day. (Photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — A dedicated vaccination campaign for teachers in Amman was launched today by the Ministry of Education. Over 1,000 teachers are expected to receive the vaccine by the end of the first day.اضافة اعلان

This national campaign is the result of joint collaboration between the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Education, and the National Center for Security and Crisis Management in order to guarantee a safe, coronavirus-free return for schools this September.

The campaign will launch today in Amman, and next Thursday in all Jordanian governorates, targeting teachers who registered to receive the vaccine on vaccine.jo, according to Secretary General of the Ministry for Administration and Finance Najwa Qbeilat.

Qbeilat told Jordan News that 1,689 teachers in Amman are expected to get vaccinated today, in a national campaign that includes teachers and their significant others.

The ministry has allocated four vaccination centers for teachers in Amman, which are the King Abdullah School of Excellence in Al-Quwasima, Al-Asra’a Mixed Primary School in Qasbat Amman, Tla’a Al-Ali High School for Girls in University District, and Imam Malik High School for Boys in Jabal Al-Qosour/Marka District.

The vaccination process will take place from 9am until 2pm, in an order specified by the ministry.

The Ministry of Health required six empty classrooms in each center for the vaccination drive. Each room is equipped with computers and a refrigerator to safely preserve the vaccines. In addition, each waiting room is provided with hand sanitizer and enough seats for teachers to maintain social distancing. Each center also provides parking for the teachers’ vehicles.

“We started the campaign in Amman because it had more registrations,” said Qbeilat. “We’ll get feedback from both teachers and the National Center for Security and Crisis Management regarding the number of attendees, to determine whether to continue with this campaign in the governorates, or to merely depend on the queue provided by vaccine.jo.”

Qbeilat pointed out that she and the Education Ministry were counting on teachers’ awareness to get the vaccine, and that they should seize this opportunity to reflect role as creators of the future generations and role models to youth.

Accordingly, MP Ata Ibdah, a member of the Education Committee at the Lower House, told Jordan News that this national campaign aims to “accelerate citizens’ vaccination process in order to reach a safe summer and to get back to in-class teaching by September.”

One teacher expressed her own excitement about receiving the opportunity to get vaccinated. Hanan Greinawi, a 32 year-old teacher at a public school in Amman, told Jordan News “I’m definitely getting vaccinated tomorrow, and I’m bringing my husband too! This is an opportunity given by the government to legally cut the line and march forward, why would I ignore it?”

“All of my colleagues are going to get vaccinated tomorrow, except for one teacher who thinks that the vaccination would break her fast. We told her to not tell anyone that she’s not getting vaccinated to not scare people from it,” she said.

Greinawi urged teachers all around the kingdom to get vaccinated in order to return to in-class teaching, as they did not switch to e-learning by choice. He called on teachers to allow students to experience in-class teaching again as they will “benefit more.”

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