Senate approves amendment to Social Development, Civil Retirement laws

(File photo: Ameer Khalifeh/Jordan News)
AMMAN — On Sunday, the Senate approved several bills, including amended drafts of the Social Development Law, Civil Retirement Law, Election Law, and Right to Access Information Law, Al-Mamlaka TV reported.اضافة اعلان

Amended draft of Social Development Law: Enhancing social care services and donations regulation
During a legislative session, the Senate approved the amended draft of the Social Development Law for 2023, as received from the House of Representatives. This amended draft aims to specify procedures for licensing institutions, centers, and shelters providing social care services, as well as monitoring and supervising them. It also seeks to regulate the social work profession by specifying conditions for its practice and approving and licensing its programs.

Furthermore, the draft law aims to regulate the process of collecting donations for charitable purposes, specifying conditions and means for their collection. Additionally, it enables the Ministry of Development to establish a fund for social protection and care.

Amended Civil Retirement Law: Extending provisions to senior officials
The Senate also approved an amended draft law for the Civil Retirement Law for the year 2019, following amendments made to the original legislation. The amended draft law is justified by the expiration of the provisions of the amended Civil Retirement Law No. 34 for 2018. This expiration led to the non-application of the Civil Retirement Law and exempted anyone appointed or reappointed after this date from its provisions in two specific cases.

The draft law aims to subject anyone appointed to a position in one of the first or second groups of the senior category to the provisions of the Civil Retirement Law. Additionally, it seeks to include the president or full-time member of any authority or entity, or the chief executive officer of any public official institution, under the provisions of this law if any of them have acceptable previous service for civil or military retirement purposes.

Amended Election Law: Enhance political pluralism
Furthermore, the Senate decided to approve the latest amendments to the amended draft of the Election Law for the year 2024, as received from the House of Representatives. According to its justifications, the amended draft law aims to enhance political life in Jordan by consolidating the principle of political pluralism and ensuring the representation of the widest possible range of political forces in the House of Representatives.

Amended Right to Access Information Law: Promote transparency and combat corruption
The Senate also approved the amended draft of the Right to Access Information Law for 2019. This approval aligns with its justifications to comply with international agreements and align with best practices governing access to information laws. It aims to promote transparency, integrity, and combat corruption while enhancing the culture of the right to access information. The amended law also enables seekers to obtain information and restructures the Information Council to include representatives from civil society institutions. It further obliges departments to classify what is considered confidential and protected according to the information classification mechanism and its index.

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