Senate Legal Committee approves narcotics bill

Senate legal committee
The Senate Legal Committee meets on Monday to discuss the narcotics and psychotropic substances bill as passed by the Lower House. (Photo: Petra)
AMMAN –– The Senate's Legal Committee on Monday approved the narcotics and psychotropic substances bill as passed by the Lower House.

Senate President Faisal Fayez, who chaired the committee's session, called for working in partnership with all official and civil institutions to counter the threat of drugs and raise community awareness of their dangers through holding events and conferences to highlight their dangerous effects.اضافة اعلان

He stressed the role of civil society institutions in raising awareness, including the media, universities, schools, places of worship, and youth clubs "to highlight the impact of this dangerous scourge on society and the future of our youth."

The Senate head commended the role of the Public Security Directorate and the Anti-Narcotics Department in combating the drug trade, noting their awareness campaigns and treatment and rehabilitation efforts.

Fayez called for combating and eradicating drug use through a comprehensive anti-crime strategy, noting the importance of the draft law, which stiffened the penalties but gave first-time offenders the opportunity to engage with society and start a new life.

Head of the committee Ahmed Tbishat and Minister of State for Legal Affairs Mahmoud Kharabsheh also told a press conference after the meeting that the draft legislation stiffened the penalty for first-time drug users, but made it so the charge would not appear on their record and deprive them of the right to work, while also stiffening the penalty for addicts.

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