House Legal Committee endorses money laundering, terrorism bill

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(Photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — On Wednesday, the Lower House Legal Committee endorsed the anti-money laundering and terrorist financing bill after the Senate returned it to the Legal Committee.اضافة اعلان

Member of the Legal Committee, MP Saleh Al-Wukhian, said to Jordan News that the committee had finished discussing all the details of the bill and voted on its approval to be presented to the House of Representatives for discussion and vote.

For his part, MP Ghazi Al-Thneibat affirmed that senators had objected to a number of important points and that the committee concurred with the Senate.
During the meeting, Deputy Mohammad Al-Hlalat, head of the Legal Committee, said that the draft law had been discussed in-depth, particularly the points the Senate had raised.

Much of the debate around the bill had been focused on material returned from the Senate, especially those related to parties reporting suspected money laundering.

The MP stressed that the committee endorsed the draft law with the Senate’s amendments.