School doors open at 7:45 till end of March to help working parents

Parents have protested against early summer time because they don’t want their children to schools early. (File photo: Ameer Khalifeh/ Jordan News)
AMMAN — Ministry of Education Spokesman Ahmad Al-Masa’fa said that the decision to open school doors at 7:45 is temporary, and will be canceled at the end of this month.اضافة اعلان

The decision, Masa’fa told Jordan News, was taken by the Ministry of Education in order to help parents drop children at school before going to work, taking into consideration the fact that the change to summer time happened earlier this year and lessons start half an hour later than the usual time, at 8:30.

Masa’fa said that the teaching staff will be at schools on time and ready to receive students and mind them until the first class begins.

“Parents and students should know that preserving students’ health is a priority for us,” he added.

Minister of State for Media Affairs and Government Spokesperson Faisal Shboul told Jordan News that some parents expressed concern about having to take their children to school according to the new summer time because the sun rises somewhat late, and that is why the Ministry of Education decided to delay the start of the first lesson for half an hour.

Shboul said that this seems to be a compromise solution to satisfy parents who do not want their children to go to schools early, because it is still dark, and those who cannot drop them too late because of work obligations.

Wafa Saad, a mother, told Jordan News that she was one of those parents who raised objections about delaying the first lesson till 8:30, because “that would conflict with our work time, make us late for work, and, as a result, have our monthly wages deducted”.

Saad added: “I believe that this decision will make our life easier. We can take our children to school and they can spend some time with their friends until the first lesson begins.”

Mohammad Jaber, a father, told Jordan News that “in spite of all the decisions that the ministry has taken or will take in the near future, I am totally against the summer time; I leave my house early because I live really far from my children’s school and from my workplace, and I always worry if my children have to leave the house when it is still dark”.

“I hope that the government decides to change to summer time at the end of March, as it does each year, as this current situation is really hard for me and for many other people, I believe.”

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