Protestors celebrate ‘victory’ in Jordan Valley, Amman

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Protestors gather in Jordan Valley to celecrate a 'victory' by Gaza-based Palestinian groups against Israel after a ceasefire went into effect early Friday. (Photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN/JORDAN VALLEY — On Friday afternoon, thousands rallied in Karama, roughly 46km from Amman, to celebrate what many deemed a “victory” for resistance groups fighting Israel from Gaza.اضافة اعلان

At the historic site, where the Jordanian army defeated Israeli occupation forces nearly 53 years ago, crowds chanted in protest to Jordan’s gas deal with Israel and the normalization of ties with the occupation, in addition to demanding the expulsion of the Israeli ambassador to Jordan.

Protesters held signs and banners to complement the growing cacophony of the chants, many of which read: “The enemy’s gas is occupation,” and “End Israeli terrorism.”

Said Abdo, a protester, said: The Palestinian cause has not been buried; it lives with all of our people, which is honorable.”

Palestine is a focal point, and the recent events will be a second spark, bringing about our second victory against Israel.”

Khater, 27, told Jordan News: “We are here today to stand by Al-Aqsa in peace. We are at the border to send a message that we are ready to free Al-Aqsa.”  

Bashar, 24, said: “We have come here today to boost the morale of the Palestinian people. Resistance has been and continues to be triumphant because it is steadfast”. 

The major event for the day was a festival organized by the Islamic Action Front (IAF) near the Dead Sea — some 40km from Amman — to commemorate “Hamas’ victory”.

In a speech, IAF Secretary General Murad Al-Adaileh urged the crowds to stand by the resistance, “by any means possible” and commended Hamas’ “accomplishment” as he described Friday as one of “pride, triumph and joy”.

Adaileh cited the late King Hussein’s speech during Karama Battle, calling on the Kingdom’s troops “march forward” against the occupation.

“Our people are well. Our nation is well. Jerusalem will be ours again,” said senior IAF official, Abdulhamid Thuneibat, reassuring the thousands in attendance of Hamas’ triumph.

“We are here to show solidarity with the resistance, which is the least we can do,” Aws, a protester, told Jordan News, adding that “it is only a matter of time before the occupation succumbs”.

Ibrahim, 50, said: We have come here today to affirm that we have chosen resistance and to reiterate our historic right to Palestine from its mountain to its rivers and valleys.”

He called on the Jordanian government to respond to the people’s calls by revoking the gas deal with Israel and expelling the Israeli ambassador to Jordan.

“We are not anti-Semitic. We are simply taking a stance against Zionism and the government that stands behind it,” said Tawfiq Younes, 53.

Israa, an 11-year-old girl, said: “Today is an important today. I want to thank God for our victory today and I hope that Palestinians continue to be patient and continue to resist the occupation.”

Meanwhile in Amman, following the Friday prayers, several hundreds of Palestine supporters gathered near Al-Husseini Mosque in downtown, echoing the same demands voiced in the Jordan Valley.

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