Prince Hamzah ‘was asked to cease actions exploited to destabilize country’

(Photo: Petra)
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Major General Youssef Al-Huneiti on Saturday stressed that reports claiming the arrest of HRH Prince Hamzah bin Al-Hussein were false. However, he explained that the Prince was asked to “cease activities and acts that are employed to target Jordan’s security and stability”. The move, he said, came as part of joint and comprehensive investigations carried out by security agencies, leading to the arrest of Sharif Hassan bin Zaid, former senior official Bassem Awadallah and others.اضافة اعلان

General Al-Huneiti said that investigations were ongoing and their outcomes would be announced “with utter transparency and clarity”, stressing that all the measures that were taken were in line with the law and following intensive probes justifying these measures. He also emphasized that “No one is above the law” and that Jordan’s security and stability “are above every other consideration”.

Following the incident, Saudi Arabia, the US State Department, Bahrain, the Gulf Cooperation Council, Egypt and Lebanon issued statements of support to Jordan and its stability, Reuters reported.