Prince Hamzah, inner circle involved in conspiracy — Safadi

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(Photo: Prime Ministry)
AMMAN — Jordan has successfully dealt with an attempt on its security, in which HRH Prince Hamzah, along with prominent figures, was found to be involved, Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi said in a press conference on Sunday.اضافة اعلان

Sharif Hassan bin Zaid and former minister Bassem Awadallah were arrested Saturday night, among others. Safadi put the total number of arrestees between 14-16.

Safadi told reporters that the ongoing investigation “proved that people from Prince Hamzah’s inner circle were in contact with opposition figures abroad.”

Safadi added that army chief, Major General Youssef Al-Huneiti, visited the prince at his residence at 2pm to convince him to halt his actions, but the prince “did not cooperate and replied with a negative attitude”.

The prince, according to the official, sent Awadallah a recording of the meeting with Huneiti, which prompted the latter to try to flee abroad.

The investigation also revealed that one person with ties to foreign security agencies called the prince’s wife Saturday, offering a flight out of Jordan, according to Safadi.

The deputy premier also revealed that, in parallel with those activities, Prince Hamzah undertook “intensive activities” to communicate with community leaders to “incite and urge them to conduct activities that would harm national security”.

Safadi stressed that no incumbent military leaders were implicated in the case.