Police hold Umm Qais clean-up campaign

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AMMAN — A clean-up campaign at the Umm Qais archaeological site was carried out Monday by the Public Security Directorate’s (PSD) north region police command under the “Our Environment, Our Lung” initiative, in cooperation with government departments and civil society institutions.اضافة اعلان

This initiative is similar to other campaigns, such as the campaign carried out by the Ministry of Environment under the slogan “By our mettle, we protect our environment,” and the campaign by the Ministry of Local Administration.

Ibrahim Rjoub, head of the public relations and awareness department at the Royal Department of Environmental Protection, told Jordan News that a deep sense of social responsibility and of the importance of the law was behind the launch of the initiative, to work with citizens to promote awareness of the natural environment and proper behaviour.

He said that the initiative also aims to pass on the message that “the main objective of the environmental and tourism police is not to issue tickets to violators, but rather to preserve the cleanliness of our country in the first place.”

PSD Director Maj. Gen. Hussain Al-Hawatmeh launched the “Our Environment, Our Lung” initiative a few days ago. The initiative was in response to Royal directives to protect the environment and King Abdullah’s vision for sustainable development, as well as his approach in modernizing the state and improving Jordanians’ standard of living.

Rjoub said the initiative was launched by implementing clean-up campaigns in various governorates on October 6, which he said will continue in a sustainable manner to include “forests, schools, universities, beaches, youth centers, main roads, public facilities, parks, dams, and tourist and archaeological sites.”

“All units, directorates, and components of public security participated in this sustainable initiative, and its activities will be held daily and in different places. The activities include clean-up campaigns, tree planting, and awareness campaigns, as well as environment and tourism educational activities,” Rjoub said.

He added the initiative includes the establishment of an ecological garden for endangered species of local plants, in order to educate the community about the importance of vegetation.

“We ask that citizen to always cooperate with us, as our goal is always the public interest,” he said.

Mohammed Al-Momani, an Umm Qais resident, said: “We are very happy to see all elements of Jordanian society participate in taking care of our country’s cleanliness.”

“Yesterday, we were excited when we saw the police work with citizens to clean up the tourist area in Umm Qais, which is a very important area because of its ancient history. Its cleanliness, of course, reflects the image of the people of the area,” Momani said.

He said that the problem lies in a small percentage of people who do not help keep public places clean. “I fully agree with the public security measures in issuing tickets to these people, and I even think that the penalties should be more severe in everything related to damaging public facilities.” 

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