Parliamentary Energy Committee rejects new electricity tariff

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AMMAN — Head of the Parliamentary Energy Committee Firas Al-Ajarmeh, announced the committee's rejection of the new draft electricity tariff as presented by the government, saying the committee will not accept solving energy problems at the expense of citizens.اضافة اعلان

According to Jo24, Ajarmeh spoke during the committee meeting, which was attended by Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Saleh Kharabsheh, calling on the government to submit a draft law to remove the distortions in energy agreements between the generation, distribution, and national electricity companies, as it is unacceptable for the generation and distribution companies to continue making profits while the national company bears the losses.

He added that the Energy Committee will cooperate with the Finance Committee and will request that the general budget law does not pass by the House before the government has withdrawn its new electricity tariff, as it would affect a big segment of society, noting that most households in underprivileged communities share one meter, which puts them in the higher category of electricity consumption. 

Kharabsheh said the discussion around increased burdens on citizens is inaccurate, stressing the readiness of the ministry and the Energy and Mineral Resources Authority to submit a detailed presentation with complete data as evidence that the majority of citizens would not be adversely affected.  While stressing the need to support economic sectors, he denied that the government seeks to support those sectors at citizens’ expense, noting that 20 percent of Jordan’s population are non-nationals who should not continue to receive subsidy.  He said the issue of households with shared meters can be resolved.

According to Kharabsheh, 93 percent of meters consume less than 600 kilowatts, and those would not be affected by the new tariff, which will only increase for consumption of over 600 kilowatts by JD10 on average.

Kharabsheh also said that the process of requesting subsidy will be simplified for citizens, pledging that the government will not back out from alleviating the burden on citizens through subsidies. 

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