National Water Carrier Project progressing with full force – Water Ministry

experimental water station in Amman
(File photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN – On Monday, the Assistant Secretary-General of the Water Authority and official spokesperson for the Ministry of Water and Irrigation, Omar Salameh, affirmed that the National Water Carrier Project is progressing with full force.اضافة اعلان

During his interview on the Jeish FM radio program, Salameh mentioned that 70 technical experts in the water sector are diligently studying the proposal from both technical and financial perspectives, Khaberni reported.

The technical proposal for the project is estimated to cost JD2.5 to JD3 billion, aiming to secure 300 million cubic meters of water. This strategic and crucial project will substantially improve the Kingdom’s water challenges. By discontinuing the use of wells from which water is currently pumped, the project will enhance groundwater resources. Additionally, treated water consumed by citizens will meet the highest standards and be reused for industrial and restricted agricultural purposes.

Upon completion of the financial and technical requirements, further details about the project will be announced.

On another note, Salameh confirmed that dam storage has increased to 123 million cubic meters, representing 42.5 percent capacity. These developments will have a considerable impact on Jordan’s water situation, improving water availability for agriculture, drinking, and livestock needs.

Additionally, Salameh affirmed that rain has been falling in the kingdom for 14 days, a phenomenon not seen in a long time. The nature of this year’s rainfall is beneficial, as it did not cause floods or soil erosion. This positive impact will enhance groundwater storage and benefit agriculture.

Salameh also highlighted that the rainy season has reached 61 percent, compared to 54 percent last year. Most of the desert wells and dams in the country, totaling 425 wells, have filled up significantly. This will have a great positive effect on farmers and livestock breeders in the desert regions.

Regarding Jordan's water loss, Salameh stated that the ministry is implementing a well-defined strategy to reduce water loss. Donor-funded programs aim to improve water networks. Approximately JD450 million has been provided for projects in all regions of the country. These projects include network updates, meter replacements, improved readings, harsher penalties, and more monitoring to prevent violations of water sources.

Jordan reduced water loss by 3% over the previous year, which was 1% above the goal. Salameh expects this percentage to rise more this year due to ongoing developments.

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