Multiple charges filed against 21-year-old crime suspect

Multiple charges filed against 21-year-old crime suspect
(Photo: Khaberni)
AMMAN — A 21-year-old individual with a prior criminal history is facing five charges after a violent incident in the 7th Circle area of Jordan. He assaulted an elderly woman in her home, causing injuries to her and her daughter and stealing gold jewelry. He then attacked another woman outside the house, dragging her for over 300 meters while stealing her vehicle.اضافة اعلان

The charges include attempted murder (Articles 328 and 70), attempted murder as a precursor to a misdemeanor (Articles 327 and 70), assault causing facial injury (Article 334), car theft (Article 401/3), and house theft (Article 406). If convicted, these charges carry penalties of up to 30 years to life imprisonment.

The accused has confessed to all the crimes, admitting to entering the house, attempting to strangle the elderly woman, and violently attacking her daughter. He also assaulted a woman outside and stole her car, showing no remorse.

The on-duty public prosecutor has ordered the accused's detention for 15 days, pending further investigation. He has an extensive criminal record, making him a repeat offender.

The accused has a history of recurrent criminal activities, including theft and forced residence cases. The victim of the car theft is currently hospitalized, with a moderate condition.

Jordan recently amended its Penal Code, classifying facial injuries as a criminal offense under Article 334, carrying a maximum penalty of three years' imprisonment. In cases where attempted murder leads to a fatality, the punishment can extend to the death penalty, reflecting efforts to address serious crimes.

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