10% of prisoners in Jordan held under administrative detention — expert

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AMMAN — Maj. Gen. Ammar Al-Qudah, a legal and security expert in Jordan, called for a review of administrative detention in the country. He emphasized the need to apply the law in a manner consistent with the legislator's intention and to use alternative punishments, rather than expanding the use of administrative detention.اضافة اعلان

Qudah, in an interview, pointed out that the percentage of administratively detained persons based on the Crime Prevention Law represents 10 percent of the total number of prisoners in Jordan.

According to Ammon News, he cautioned against attributing all overcrowding in prisons to the law of preventing crimes.

Security and social peaceQudah also acknowledged some positive aspects of the Crime Prevention Law. He stated that its provisions express the legislator's desire and goal to preserve security and social peace and to control crimes committed by repeat offenders.

The law has contributed to reducing the crime rate in Jordan, he added.

He additionally stressed that the law must be dealt with in accordance with constitutional channels and the stable conscience rule dictated by justice.

“Any accused person has the right to enjoy the minimum guarantees of defense and to defend themselves,” he said, adding that the criminal legislation system in Jordan has mobilized more guarantees for any accused to have a fair trial in accordance with effective laws and international agreements.

Coordination needed
Qudah also emphasized the need for coordination between the Ministry of Interior and the Public Security Directorate through the police work matrix related to administrative procedures.

He indicated that if implemented correctly, it will reduce the number of people who are transferred after their release from judicial detention by administrative judges.

The legal expert explained that the reason for the police's repeated resort to the law is that the detention period is only 24 hours and is not sufficient to take full legal measures in the initial investigation stage.

The police are responsible for collecting evidence, which requires a lot of time, depending on the type of case, forcing them to detain by administrative judges to complete the investigation.

Qudah emphasized the need to reformulate the law in a precise manner, indicating that the Minister of Interior has the authority to release a prisoner sentenced to life if he has a good reputation and behavior after completing 20 years.

This, he said, does not mean that there is a violation of the principle of separation of powers.

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