Ministry urges public to ration energy consumption in winter

4. Energy Ration
(Photo: Wikimedia Commons)
AMMAN — The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources urged the public to be cognizant of energy use and to avoid energy waste, especially during periods of high electrical demand in the winter season, according to Al-Mamlaka TV.اضافة اعلان

In “Guide to Preserving and Rationing Energy Consumption”, a pamphlet published on its website, the ministry urges the public to try to use energy optimally using high energy efficiency devices and equipment.

Studies suggest that 20–21°C is a comfortable temperature in the winter season during the day, and that raising this temperature by just 1°C leads to a more than 5 percent increase in fuel consumption, the guide said.

The guide also called for periodic maintenance of heating systems, which may help reduce the amount of diesel consumed by about 5 percent. The ministry suggested that boilers should undergo routine maintenance at least once a year.

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