Ministry to operate new sources to meet ‘critical’ water shortage

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AMMAN — During a meeting at the Ministry of Water and Irrigation on Saturday, Minister Muhammad Al-Najjar stressed that the government must explore new sources of water and redirect other sources to where they are needed most.اضافة اعلان

The head of the Water Authority,  directors of various local water companies and officials concerned with water supply and operations, attended the meeting, reported Hala News.

They discussed the status of water supplies for the summer months in light of the Kingdom’s endemic water scarcity and attacks on water lines.

The rising demand for water, especially on hot days, topped the agenda.

Najjar said the government would crack down on water thieves and urged stakeholders to collaborate to protect water lines, wells, and meters.

Ministry spokesperson Omar Salameh, in comments to Khaberni, said that Jordan’s water problem was “critical” as a result of poor water resources and low dam reserves — both vital sources of drinking water.

He said that simillarly to previous years, supply problems are likely to occur at any time, especially for residents of higher-altitude areas.

Salameh stressed that the country’s water networks are in need of replacement, saying: “Only in Jordan is water supplied once a week to residents, as there are not enough water resources, and the population is increasing.”

He added that the ministry has been working for years to decrease the rate at which water is lost from the network, a rate that is starting to decline. The water loss in some areas had reached more than 50 percent, while it reached 32 percent in some areas of  Amman before the water network was upgraded, he said.

In Aqaba, water loss is estimated to be 23 percent, he said, noting that a project worth up to $375 million was launched to upgrade the network to pump and transfer drinking water.

Salameh denied rumors about a decision to raise water prices in Jordan.

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