Ministry of Labor detects 507 child labor cases in 2023

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AMMAN – Mohammad Al-Zyoud, spokesperson for the Ministry of Labor (MoL), revealed on Wednesday that the number of child labor cases detected in 2023 has reached 507, Al-Mamlaka TV reported. 

While conducting inspections throughout the Kingdom, the ministry issued 242 violations and 259 cautions to employers who hired children in breach of Law No. 8 of 1996. 

 The ministry receives child labor rights complaints via Hemayeh and the ministry's website. In 2023, the ministry dealt with 126 complaints and allegations against child labor. 

 In 2024, the MoL's Child Labor and Workplace Nursery at the Central Inspection Directorate will work to increase the number of campaigns and inspection visits to private sector establishments across various sectors and economic activities to ensure that no children are employed. In addition, the ministry will hold community and parent education sessions in schools to raise awareness about the dangers of child labor. 

 Regarding institutional nurseries and alternatives, Zyoud stated that inspection teams visited 1,419 enterprises from diverse sectors and economic activities last year to guarantee compliance with Article 72 of Law No. 8 of 1996 and its revisions. The article requires employers who employ a group of workers in one location and have at least fifteen children under the age of five to offer an appropriate environment under the supervision of one or more competent caregivers. The article also permits employers to help develop acceptable alternatives within a certain geographical area. 

The ministry's activities include tackling institutional nurseries and providing appropriate alternatives to ensure children's safety and compliance with labor rules. 

The instructions for institutional nursery options for the year 2023, given under Article (72) (b) of the Labor Law, specify the following alternatives: 

  1. Employers can contract with various nurseries in different areas, allowing employees to select the most suited alternative. 
  2. Employees can contract with their preferred childcare, with employers bearing the financial costs for each child. The contribution fluctuates depending on the worker's monthly wage:
    ● JD30 per month for employees earning more than JD500. 
    ● JD40 per month for those earning between JD300 and JD500. 
    ● JD50 per month for those earning JD300 or less. 
اضافة اعلان

Zyoud stressed that the MoL is committed to auditing enterprises in various sectors and economic activities to ensure compliance with providing nurseries at work or implementing nursery alternatives. Furthermore, the ministry has begun renovating a nursery within its main building to provide better services for employee child care and increase women's economic involvement. This nursery is intended to serve as an example for other institutions. 

Furthermore, during the current fiscal year 2024, the ministry is increasing inspections of private sector companies to ensure compliance with supplying nurseries or adopting nursery alternatives. The ministry is also partnering with the Ministry of Social Development (MoSD) to create a joint electronic link for institutional nurseries.

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