Minister of health inaugurates organ transplant conference

Ministry of Health building
(Photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN— The Minister of Health Firas Al-Hawari opened the 17th Conference of the Middle East Society for Organ Transplantation on Friday on behalf of His Majesty King Abdullah, according to a statement from the Ministry of Health.اضافة اعلان

The conference is being held in cooperation with the Jordanian Association for Kidney Diseases and Transplantation at the Jordanian Medical Association.

In his opening speech, Hawari said that in past years, the Kingdom has witnessed a remarkable development in many medical specialties, primarily organ transplants. Jordan experienced its first kidney transplant in 1972, its first heart transplant in 1985, and the introduction of binocular surgery in the early 1990s.

Jordan now has sub-specialties such as pediatric surgery, urinary tract, cardiovascular tract and neurological surgery.

Jordan achieved a qualitative leap and concrete practical achievements in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases such as obesity and surgical interventions through radiology, the statement read. Jordan has also become a country of reference in the region for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and for safe surgery through its application of a WHO initiative.

The minister also noted that last month, the ministry celebrated the completion of the 300th kidney transplant carried out at the Prince Hamza Hospital as part of the Ministry of Health's transplant program for the hospital in 2007.

The ministry added that is working towards training doctors on transplanting other organs such as liver and pancreas at different locations locally and globally, and to secure the medicine and supplies.

The Ministry of Health was studying with interest a partnership with the Jordanian Medical Association, the Jordanian Association for Kidney Diseases and Transplantation, and the associations involved in organ transplantation, as well as the leading role they played in the development of pathology and organ transplantation.

The President of the Jordanian Association for Kidney Diseases and Transplantation, President of the Conference Mohammad Ghinimat, said that the conference reflected confidence in Jordan's medical capabilities.

The three-day involves stakeholders from 28 Arab and foreign countries, Jordan included, 91 scientific lectures to examine the latest findings in kidney transplantation, and encourage people to donate organs.

The founder and former president of the Middle East Transplant Society, Mohammed Hebral, and president of the Middle East Transplant Association, Antoine Barbary, spoke via Skype about the latest research in kidney disease and transplantation.

They called for the need to exchange experiences among countries and conference participants to serve the development of the medical field.

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