Minister of Government Communication details aid drop to Gaza

(Photo: Twitter/X)
AMMAN — The Minister of Government Communication, Dr. Mohannad Al-Mubaydein stated that the drop of urgent medical and pharmaceutical assistance carried out by a Royal Jordanian Air Force aircraft today, Monday, to the Jordanian Field Hospital in Gaza, is in response to the Royal directives to sustain Jordan's supportive stance in alleviating the suffering of the people in the region.اضافة اعلان

Mubaydein, in a phone interview on Al-Mamlakah channel on Monday, stated that the drop operation was carried out with precision, noting that it was done in accordance with complex logistical arrangements, especially since the field hospital is located in the northern part of the Gaza Strip, which is witnessing intense conflict. The hospital is also facing a shortage of supplies that are on the verge of running out due to the delay in delivering aid to the region through the Rafah crossing.

Mubaydein reiterated that the Jordanian Field Hospital remains operational in line with the Royal directives to provide medical services to the people in Gaza. He also mentioned that Israel has been informed of its responsibility to protect the hospital from any airstrikes.

"This aid is part of Jordan's stance calling for an end to the war in Gaza and represents the Jordanian vision of the level of support that should be provided to the people in the region,” he said.

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