Khasawneh government’s performance fails to draw praise

Extraordinary circumstances exacerbated an already dire situation

(Photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — Little over one year since the government of Bisher Al-Khasawneh was formed, political analysts interviewed by Jordan News qualified his Cabinet’s performance in 2021 as “bad”, particularly in dealing with the economic challenges facing the country since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.اضافة اعلان

Khasawneh’s government was formed in October 2020 under extraordinary conditions, with the country having to address the repercussion of a global pandemic that ministers, analysts say, seemed incapable of dealing with. The challenges, they say, were overwhelming, and strategic plans were not up to them.

Hamada Faraaneh, writer and political analyst, told Jordan News that the performance of the government has been “modest” due to “its inability to address the epidemiological and economic situation”.

He said that the budget deficit increased by more than JD950 million, which “is real evidence that it (the government) not only could not address the problem, but made it worse”.

Faraaneh stressed that the Lower House could contribute to making the government improve its performance by withholding its confidence when the draft budget is discussed under the Dome.

“The Lower House has the duty to exercise its constitutional right of determining the fate of the government,” he said, and that could check and lead to improved government performance.

Jihad Al-Mheisen, political columnist, told Jordan News that the ministers’ inability to act in harmony, their giving conflicting statements, has contributed to projecting the image of a weak government.

“You may hear different official opinions regarding one single issue, and that is unacceptable,” he said, adding that citizens, in general, do not trust this government, and therefore “will reject any decision it will take”.

Economist Tharwat Masalha admitted that “this government was formed under extraordinary conditions, but its ministers failed to come up with serious, effective, strategic plans or to address the dire circumstance the country has been going through recently”.

Most ministers failed to add anything of value to the government, he said, but “I still believe that the prime minister has an effective methodology that is eclipsed by the lack of harmony among the ministers”.

Masalha also said that if the government wishes to address the difficult circumstances the country is facing, it needs to establish mega-projects, “especially that what most of the citizens really want now is a solution to the unemployment crisis”, and stimulate investments.

Unless investors are encouraged to come to Jordan, “the situation will remain difficult, and even worsen in the near future”, he said.

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