Karak NGO facing demise as funding dwindles

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(Photo: Creativity Club)
AMMAN — For the past 10 years, more than 20,000 young people from the southern governorate of Karak have benefited from programs organized by the Creativity Club, but the NGO is about to close down due to a “severe financial crisis,” it founder has said.اضافة اعلان

In remarks to Al-Ghad and Jordan News, CEO and founder Hussam Al-Tarawneh, said the club “is going through its worst times ever, financially speaking,” as support from both the government and the private sector has stopped.

The club, he noted, does not receive fixed donations from any party and relies on funding for specific projects funded by donors.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 15 months ago, “we have not received a penny from the private sector”, Tarawneh said, acknowledging that the entire social entrepreneurship sector suffers because of the economic repercussions of the pandemic.

Failing to pay adequate attention to this sector as key to economic development is a major problem suffered by NGOs and charities across the board, according to the activist, whose organization offers free-of-charge training in the fields of robotics, electronics, and AI, as well as in art, music, graphic design, theater, and photography, among others.

In previous remarks to Jordan News, Ayman Mufleh, the minister of social development, said that COVID-19  — and the subsequent safety measures imposed to contain the pandemic — impacted all charitable organizations by affecting their flexibility of movement and sources of income.

There were 6,522 NGOs registered in the Kingdom as of December 2020, of which 3,952 (61 percent) were affiliated with the ministry.

Tarawneh claimed that his club has a unique mission, namely, nourishing scientific, artistic, and technological talents through programs targeting age categories from 6 up to 24. He described the organization as an incubator of talent. The training, he added, prepares beneficiaries to join the labor market or start their own businesses. This is not to mention the boost the programs give to the sense of community among youth, who become better citizens, instilled with a sense of civic duty.

Asked about a solution to the funding dilemma for NGOs, Tarawneh suggested that the country needs to update relevant legislation to better regulate corporate social responsibility and render donations to the non-for-profit sector mandatory.

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