Jordanian youth excel in Artificial Intelligence

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(Photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — Al-Hussein Technical University held an event on Saturday entitled “Artificial Intelligence (AI) lens” organized by Shai artificial intelligence company, which was initiated by Jordanian Youth seeking to spread knowledge among those interested in taking a deep dive into the AI world, according to Al-Ghad News.اضافة اعلان

“We seek to provide job opportunities for Jordanian youth who believe in AI; a world which remains fictional in the minds of many people” said Tasneem Al-Ali, Shai’s CEO.

Ali added that they have trained more than 3,000 young Arab men and women, and implemented over 20 projects in data and AI field.  “We are seeking to enhance Arab identity in the AI world, which is not exclusive to the west only, therefore, in our projects, we aim to enrich the Arabic content,” she said, noting that Shai has published over 300 articles in Arabic, written by young men and women who are interested in the AI world.

Technical expert Yanal Al-Adham said that there are some creative and intelligent Jordanian youth, who if given the support they deserve, would lead the AI world. “The science fiction that we have seen in movies, is no longer fiction, it is now reality” said Adham.

CEO of the first Arab platform Baz, Musaab Al-Sharairi said “at Baz, — the first Arab social media platform — we want to establish a space to share opinions, engage in dialogue and participate in communication, in a community. Each community (engaging) according to its interest, like social, economic, sports, or others.”

“We have recently launched the audio room feature, like in ‘clubhouse’ application, and we are proud to have established such a feature in an Arab social media platform, where we were able to give attention to each and every Arab dialect, so that  users can express themselves in their own dialect” said Adham.

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