Jordanian artists advocate for revival of local drama

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(File photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN —Jordanian artists, during a dialogue night at Rainbow Theater in Jabal Amman, titled "Audience: Happy or Disappointed?" advocated for mechanisms to rejuvenate local drama and restore its place among Arab counterparts.اضافة اعلان

They highlighted that in the past two decades, Jordanian drama production has stagnated at around thirty works, with only a few achieving notable success, Khaberni reported.

Actress Reem Saadeh attributed this decline to capital influence and production conditions that led to interference in creative content. She pointed out that capital often demanded dilution of Jordanian identity.

Saadeh further explained that these factors negatively impacted Bedouin dramas, once a distinctive feature of Jordanian production, now confused due to blending dialects and oversimplified social themes.

Artist Zuheir Al-Noubani urged support for Jordanian arts and the local artistic scene, emphasizing the need for placing competent individuals with artistic, dramatic, and managerial experience in key positions.

Actor Ahmed Sorour shared his artistic journey, starting from street theater and culminating in participation in various Arab dramas.

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