Jordan targeted by 897 cyberattacks last year

(Photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — Minister of State for Media and Communication Faisal Shboul said Sunday that Jordan was the target of 897 cyberattacks last year. Of these, 27 percent, or about 240, were of the complex type.اضافة اعلان

At a press conference, held by Shboul and the head of the National Center for Cyber Security Ahmed Melhem, at the Prime Ministry, the minister said: “The cyber security attacks ranged in severity from complex, meaning states and organizations were behind them, to attacks carried out by individuals and amateurs.”

Melhem, said that 4 percent of the cyberattacks targeting Jordan last year were identified as political and economic espionage, adding that “the internet addresses associated with the cyberattacks on Jordan last year came from 40 countries.

“The most prominent targets of cybersecurity attacks are the military and security institutions, the financial sector, telecommunications companies, the energy sector/electricity companies, government institutions, and our embassies abroad,” Melhem said.

He added that the center issued 56 reports labelled as a cyber-threats and 250 cyber warnings, and that it informed the concerned authorities of those attacks.

Melhem, said the center “does not confirm or deny the hacking of some citizens’ phones.” He added that “some local parties used common applications to analyze phone information for some citizens and came out with results confirming the breach without conducting further analysis of the digital evidence on the phones.”

Shboul said that any person or institution can communicate with the National Center for Cyber Security to report being exposed to any breach or hacking.

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