Jordan ranks near bottom of climate perceptions index

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AMMAN — Jordan has been ranked "very weak" in the Climate Perceptions Index, falling to 108th place among 109 countries, according to a report issued by the "Social Progress Imperative" organization in 2022. اضافة اعلان

The index measures the impressions of individuals regarding climate change, including their awareness of its risks and the extent of their commitment to working towards reducing those risks.

Low ranking on all axesJordan ranked near the bottom of the index in all axes, according to the Jordan Strategic Forum (JSF), which cited the poor performance in the awareness, commitment to work, and risk perception axes.

The Kingdom’s overall score was only 36.2 out of 100. This came in a paper within the Knowledge is Power series entitled "The UN World Earth Day: Let's make it a day worth celebrating in Jordan," published on the occasion of UN Earth Day, that falls on April 22 every year.

Jordan's poor performanceJordan's poor showing in the index is a reflection of its weak performance in addressing climate change, as well as the impact of global warming on its natural resources and economy.

Jordan ranked 104 out of 109 in the awareness axis, and 108 out of 109 in the commitment to work axis and coming last at 109 countries in the risk perception axis.

According to the Sixth Assessment Report issued by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, climate change has caused widespread negative effects, losses, and damage to nature and people, including in sectors such as agriculture, energy, and tourism.

The report further highlights that climate change effects are distributed unevenly across countries and regions.

The JSF indicated that Portugal performed the best in the 2022 index, followed by Chile, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Brazil, respectively.

The index aims to measure the level of awareness of individuals about climate change, the risks associated with it, and the extent of their commitment to work towards reducing these risks.

The index helps policy-makers to focus their efforts on putting an agenda towards fighting the deleterious effects of climate change around the world.

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