Jordan marks National Flag Day

(Photo: Pixabay)
AMMAN — Jordan today celebrates the National Flag Day, as part of the centenary celebrations.

The Royal Court on Friday posted a video on its social media accounts of the Jordanian fluttering flag, to mark the occasion.اضافة اعلان

The Greater Amman Municipality (GAM) was set on Friday to raise the world’s longest flag, setting its sights on breaking a Guinness world record.

The flag will be 2,132m long and 6m wide for a total area of 12,792sqm, according to privy sources at GAM.

The sources said that Guinness has been contacted and that a private company has recorded the flag’s measurements, and backed GAM’s request with the relevant supporting documents.

“The number 2,132 has strong symbolic ties to the centenary. The numbers 3 and 2 denote the arrival of King Abdullah I to Marka in 1921, whereas the numbers 1 and 2 refer to the end of the Kingdom’s first centenary and its entry into the second one under His Majesty King Abdullah’s reign,” the sources explained.

The flag is set to be hoisted today in the Munther Al-Masri Street in Amman’s Abdoun Valley area, the sources noted.

In commemoration of the centenary, GAM personnel have hung around 30,000 flags across various main roads and alleys in the 22 areas within the municipality’s jurisdiction, in addition to 15,000 metal plaques bearing the Jordanian flag, which have been installed in squares, at intersections and on lampposts.

The municipality has also hoisted 700 flags at intersections, along roads and in public squares.